Crap I like to eat

Inspired by Molly Wizenberg, yet again:

“Sometimes I want to make two types of sauce gribiche, and other times, I want to claw my eyes out and then call for a pizza delivery. I know I should try to find some sort of happy medium in this, and maybe I will someday. But in the meantime, I have found that it’s useful to sit down and make a list. I call it The Crap I Like to Eat (CILTE) List, and it really does help.” — Molly Wizenberg


Crap I like to eat
lentily/beany (salads)
roasted chicken w/ tomatos and onions
salad (plus cheese, plus nuts, plus fruit/veg)
tomatoes (roasted, or…?) on bread
cheese on
chicken salad on bread/crackers
fish many ways
poached/scrambled egg
avocado (on bread optional)
chips and salsa (w/ cheese and avocado and beans an option)
garlicky greens
ice cream
cauliflower candy
with stuff
like tomatoes
or capers
and cheese
and let’s not forget olives
baked sweet potato
don’t forget pesto
anything/everything on a saltine (or toast)
cabbage (as coleslaw w/ peanuts or sautéed w/ carrots and green onion)

new ideas!
brown rice with toasted pecans
angel hair pasta with tuna, etc.
lima beans w/ feta and parsley (maybe tomatoes too)
ten minute couscous

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