I’m a big advocate for the new Disney Channel show Girl Meets World (and most Disney Channel shows, to be honest, based on their foolproof acting methods), a throwback to the Diney Channel show, Boy Meets World, that many of us grew up with.  “Topanga” y’all!!!

So what is it that I love about this show?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy depictions of female friendship, especially the kind of bonding that takes place before or early on in high school, when things are beginning to get “complicated” but you’ve probably not yet reached your emo/goth phase.  The vulnerability but naiveté of that life-period possibly encourages the openness of close female friendships within it; they can be really eye-opening, will get you through a whole lot of other bullshit, and remind you of how you want to be treated.

I also enjoy all of the family bonding and closeness and Riley’s bay window and the fact they live so close to Bleecker Street.

But primarily, I like that Riley (the “girl”) and her best friend Maya, despite being entirely too un-awkward and pristine and made-up for the life period they’re supposed to depict, model intelligent girl decision-making for the 11-14 year old girl (and sometimes myself) quite well.

In one episode, Shawn, Cory’s best friend returns and revisits the story of how he and his girlfriend Angela first met, when asked by Maya, “Have you ever been in love?”  He describes how he feel in love with Angela by…going through the contents of her purse.  Riley and Maya respond: “So…you fell in love with the idea of a girl???”  And then they make up some silly chant about how they are too sharp to ever let something like that happen.

In another episode, the endearing class nerd, Farkle, “speed dates” both Maya and Riley, trying to decide which one of them he will take to the “Buggie Awards” (don’t ask), hosted by Jane Lynch (whom Farkle refers to as “giant lady”).  In the process, he offers them both gifts which refer to very specific, nostalgic things he remembers about them; the girls decide: “Let’s never settle for anything less than Farkle.”  Which is sweet and probably overall a good, if not specific, message, I think, given the kind of ridiculous and unkind ways a lot of boys (and girls) can act in middle and high school.  I.e., don’t put up with bullshit.

Also, the name Topanga is part of my vocabulary again, which is more than enough of a reason to adore this show.  And old Shawn is kind of hot. Finally, there’s actually an episode where the actors play their great? -grandparents in the 1940s as the Beats, and it’s brilliant.

Stay tuned for more reasons why I love GMW … (just kidding/kind of/possibly not).

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