Quarter-formed story ideas

They possibly all have to do with dinner.

1. Imagine someone coming to dinner? …looking at my watch, the pearly thing you gave me in 2003, I knew it wasn’t a dream but I knew it wasn’t real either.  (Idea of someone “coming to dinner,” to play things out fully, even though in reality, they can’t.)

2. The kinds of things that happen when you live alone in another country
–> copying other people’s movements to remind yourself of them–some intentionally, some not–realize you’re doing it after the fact, softly tapping a rhythm on your legs.

(too sad/unique?)

3. I was listening to music that had nothing to do with you or the time in which we knew each other: it was after all that had happened.  But it still made me think of you somehow, sadly/in sadness.

4. The first time I/she stole … it was on a Wednesday.

5. Looking back on things as they happened/things that don’t have meaning at the time but later do

6. “Basically, I love you.” (this notion overall, since it can be so hilarious)

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