I’ve been thinking about a post to comprise what re-integrating is like but maybe this suffices

Alex Acosta: well it’s almost one here and my flight is at 5:20
I thought I would be able to check two bags cuz you know i’ve been in tanzania for a year and AC set up my ticket
had to pay 75 gdang euro at the desk
so poor
I’ll let you get back to work.
Gotta work on something myself
good luck!
5/31, 5:48am
Sarah Gates: haha good luck!!
9:17am Sarah Gates: ooooh don’t be late for your german flight
you should use the word lecker on your flight
it means tasty
i think it’s so fun
when you get your food just be all “lecker!!!”
June 2, 11:11pm
Alex Acosta: Back in the states. Don’t understand life.
June 3, 12:31pm
Sarah Gates: I shouldn’t lol at this, but yeah…are you chillaxin?
I.e., do you have some time to just hang out and readjust?
I swear, readjusting is a full time job, haha.
Is the internet so fast?
Is the water so potable?
What’s the weirdest thing?
How your jet lag is?
Sorry, I feel I have to pay homage to my dad from time to time through writing in ebonics.
6/3, 12:32pm
Sarah Gates: (not that my dad was black, he just occasionally spoke in ebonics. great coming from a classical trumpet player.)
Today, 11:24pm
Sarah Gates: I love you and miss you

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