Mixed messages

For some reason or “somehow,” the very plain but also my favorite Weetabix cereal has disappeared from every store I frequent (not to mention these imported Italian whole wheat crackers which are only available at the Nakumatt on the west side of town).  Is Kenya trying to tell me something?  It’s such a common cereal that I’m surprised.  I ended up buying an expensive, imported honey almond cereal, a choice which I probably should amend before it becomes a habit.

Still, the message is mixed—the other day, when I was walking past the hotel where I swim to reach the pool, the concierge and hotel manager both ran out of the lobby, telling me the pool was under renovation so I couldn’t swim, the manager apologizing profusely.  It seemed funny, since they must have noticed by now that I come so frequently.   So I don’t think Kenya is trying to kick me out yet.  At least it wants me to swim here (but not on my back—too much hip extension?).

I also discovered a few new favorite things.  One being ginger lemon tea with honey, which is so delightfully gingery and lemony, you have to drink it quite slowly.  It would be perfect to soothe a sore throat, but it’s also nice just to calm your nerves, when a latte is just a little too much.

I also found goat’s milk yogurt at the store, and based on my love for goat’s cheese, decided to check it out.  I loaded it with diced pineapple and mango, cashews and peanuts, and drizzled honey on top.  So delicious!!!  Eating full fat yogurt is really just “fun,” you know???

My dear friend Vinita also mailed me some chocolate covered almonds (and a magnesium supplement), so if nothing carries me through to August 2, those certainly will.

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1 Response to Mixed messages

  1. Vinita says:

    Um, You’re amazing. I would be glad to be your international chocolate almonds supplier. I also regret not having been reading this blog since it’s inception in September of last year. Super interesting. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

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