Walang Hanggan

Today I had the opportunity to meet with a very active member of Kenyan civil society, who was very knowledgable about Kenya’s political history and painted a picture for me of youth involvement in politics that I probably won’t get from anyone else, starting with the Mau Mau movement.  The one problem was that, throughout most of our interview, the soap opera that Nawal loved so much in Zanzibar, and that we watched weekly in her aunt’s living room, Walang Hanggan (My Eternal) was playing on a tv in the corner of his office.  And I was, admittedly, distracted from time to time, by sweet-looking Daniel (why was he in a poker tournament???) and his mom and grandmother up to whatever (why was she examining all of her toiletries in the bathroom???).  Also in the back of my mind was the theme song playing that I would jokingly sing to Nawal at times.  I did search the KTN schedule to see whether Walang Hangaan or Ina Kapitad Anak is playing, and am happy to now know that not only does IKA come on regularly (though I have no idea where they are in the season), but Legally Blonde (one) will also be showing tomorrow night…

Luckily, when my computer battery died, I changed chairs to plug it in, so the distraction was no longer an issue.  But I still wonder about all these people…


Walang Hanggan

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