On Thursday, Nakuru country celebrated the one-year anniversary of the devolution of powers to county government.  Read more here if you’re seriously interested.  I should know more than I do, but what I do now is that there used to be eight provinces and now there are 47 counties, and it’s important in terms of democracy and checks and balances and etc.

All of the Nakuru county departments were represented at the celebration, which was at this outdoor garden, and I wish I’d had my camera.  There was Samson selling strawberries he’d grown as part of the Education, Culture, Youth, and Social Services department, some girls selling cakes (they looked so good, I asked if they can make chocolate or carrot), a woman with the ICT department telling us about the free wifi we’re all going to get (within a 10 km radius of a certain building) starting tomorrow, and a lot of health initiatives.

There was a lot of entertainment, from singers accompanied by really proud primary school kids dancing, the Nakuru salsa dance team (they were amazing!), choirs, and Nakuru’s sitting volleyball team.  I kind of wish I/American kids could have done this at times, like just get up and dance in front of a bunch of people and it’s not weird and you’re all really happy and proud.  The best thing about all of this though was probably that the individual performers would occasionally invite Nakuru county officials to dance with them, even men sitting seriously in their suits and ties but really happy once they got up, like, Thank God you asked me to dance!  I’d like to see this happen in America, seriously.  This mzee dancing by himself a little off to the side and shaking his cane.  It was like the time I did some interviews at a high school in Gulu, and the principal kind of off-handedly invited me to a celebration they were having since I asked about the drums, and I went and it was amazing and the same in the way that the prinicipal danced with her students and they loved her.

So in general, celebrating devolution was pretty exciting.

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  1. Sarah Fergus says:

    I’m visualizing festivities! Thanks. Mimi

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