A snapshot of our international family

Nawal has a new soap opera which is also set in the Phillipines, Ina, Kapatid, Anak, which is translated as “My Mother’s Daughter,” but I think literally means Mother, Sister, Daughter??  I saw that translation somewhere else.  In any case, it is as dramatic as the last one but I think this one is better.  This site gives a good introduction – http://dryedmangoez.com/2012/10/13/review-a-slow-start-for-abs-cbns-ina-kapatid-anak/ – but it also makes IKA seem a lot more boring than it is.  Does it really matter that the plot has been regurgitated?  There are depictions of village and urban life, mothers quick to anger, drunken teenage revelry, and pining young men.  The young men are pining for Celine and Margaux, two girls who are best friends but come from different backgrounds and struggle to stay together because of their feuding families.  This gives me a lot of “girl talk” material to discuss with Nawal and the cousins, such as: Who do you like better, Celine or Margaux?  Who do you like better, Liam or what’s his name?

After watching the show the other night, I went downstairs and my host dad was listening to MIA.  Later he came to my door, playing a Rihanna song on my phone and dancing, saying, “I like this song!”  I would say that’s uncommon, but it seems pretty ordinary at this point…

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1 Response to A snapshot of our international family

  1. Laura B says:

    Haha! That last paragraph had me laughing out loud!

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