Three food victories

1. The cake lady makes a chicken sandwich that is secretly her veggie sandwich but with chicken on it, for the same price.  As far as I can tell, the ingredients are: chicken, greens, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, green pepper, mayo, and her homemade hummus if you are lucky.  It is a really good sandwich.  I also learned that her mango juice is the same price as Lukmann’s mango juice, colder, and tarter.  A 5,000 shilling ($3) lunch?  I’m sold.  

(On another note, the cake lady took a picture of me for her wall because she is trying to create a collage of her frequent customers.)
2. I have to credit Aisha/Lauren for this one–at a tiny “restaurant,” between house and school, you can get this thing that is yogurt, mixed with ground pine nuts, peanuts, molasses, and thick date juice.  I read about the health benefits of dates today after drinking this delicious thing, and I’m even more satisfied…
3. A gelateria opened in Shangani.  Varieties ranging from pineapple to hazlenut to chocolate to vanilla.  2,000 shillings for one scoop in a cone.  We’re all happy about this.  

I should probably also mention that I bought a 64 oz. jar of Jiff peanut butter at the American imports store.  This weirdly makes everything more delicious and easier.  (A shout out to Meghan Casey for helping me make that snap judgement decision!)

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1 Response to Three food victories

  1. Sarah Fergus says:

    Sarah, These victories sound delicious. We missed you yesterday and today. Christmas is coming soon and we have to catch up with time spent with you then. Love, Mimi

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